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Get Sh!t Done

We Get Sh!t done and are for those who Get Sh!t done.

In order to maximise your potential, you have to put in the work and get your head in the game. That ideal life you envision for yourself? Fight for it. Fully immerse yourself. Put all your energy into what it is you want the most. It’s not easy, but it’s what makes you a legend.

Unfortunately, our natural energy levels won’t always be on the same page as us. Heavy-eyed, drowsy, or feeling burnt out? You can’t let it affect your daily grind. We all need an energy-booster at one point or another.

Energy is required to reach your full potential. That’s where Black Insomnia comes in. We give you the boost you deserve when you need it. We help you overcome drowsiness the all natural and delicious way.

Our team is here to help you get sh!t done, whether it’s with maximum energy or as your motivator. You got this.