6 Weird Things People Add to Their Coffee

Jake Bonneman
January 18, 2023

You have your true coffee lovers, your people who like their sugar with coffee and cream (how many times am I going to make that reference?) and then, there are those "fairly odd" folks who put things in their coffee that you wouldn’t even dream of adding.

(That's not entirely true, I've added two of these things to my coffee while awake, and dreamt of adding at least one of these things to coffee before.)

So—without further ado—here's to the crazy ones:

#1 - Cheese

Weird, right? But some people swear by it. They say that the coffee takes on a richer flavor when you add cheese to it.

Sure. A richer flavor of cheese, maybe?

I might try this someday, but I’d think I’d have to be completely, utterly desperate for some creamer. And still, I'm not sure I could get past the fact that there's cheese curdling in my coffee. Maybe if it was a nice, mellow cheese like brie or something. But then, I don't think I'd be able to taste the coffee at all. And at the end of the day—isn't coffee what coffee's all about?

#2 - Salt

Salt might seem like an odd choice for coffee at first, but some people say that it enhances the flavor of the coffee and helps to cut down on the bitterness. (And it's scientifically true—a tiny bit of salt can help round out the flavor of coffee.) Salted caramel coffee drinks are pretty common with people who don't like to taste their coffee at all, too.

Some people go a little overboard, with the salt though. I'm not sure I'd like my coffee to taste super salty, personally, but to each their own!

#3 - Butter

Butter in coffee might sound strange, but a lot of people say that it makes the coffee smoother and gives it a richer flavor. I don't know if it's the butter or the milkfat in the butter that most people are after, but hey, whatever works for them, right?

If you're interested in trying this one out, you can either add a knob of butter to your coffee grounds before brewing, or you can make bulletproof coffee by blending coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

#4 - Eggs

Adding an egg to your coffee might sound odd, but some people say that it gives the coffee a foamy texture and a richer flavor.

I have to say that I'm a little bit curious about this one. I don't know how it would taste exactly, but I'm intrigued at least.

#5 - Fruit

Fruit in coffee, eh? Some people say that it adds a fresh flavor to the coffee. Common fruits that are added to coffee include oranges, lemons, and limes.

I can see how this would work, especially with citrus fruits. I'm not sure I would ever try it myself, but I could see how  it would be a nice change of pace.

#6 - Pepper

Pepper is definitely one of the more unusual things I've seen people add to their coffee. Some people say that it adds a nice, spicy kick and jives particularly well with the taste of strong/dark roast coffee.

I'm not sure what kind of coffee drinker first came up with the idea to add pepper to their coffee, but again, at the end of the day, "to each their own," I guess.

So there you have it! Six weird things people put in their coffee. Is there anything you add to your coffee that might be considered strange by some?

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Jake Bonneman
January 18, 2023
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