Fuel Your Staff

Jake Bonneman
January 20, 2023

Is coffee good for business?


In America, coffee and business go together like… well, like coffee and donuts.

Or coffee and coffee cake. Or coffee and more coffee.

In the business world, coffee helps employees stay focused and alert.

So… in what way would it not be beneficial to keep your staff fueled up with coffee?

“Yeah, yeah,” you might be thinking. “I already know what coffee does.”

Yes, it’s well known that caffeine delivers powerful positive effects when it comes to energy and alertness—but were you aware that scientific research has also proven that it even improves memory?

But, hey. How could having a more alert staff with more energy and faster recall have any effect on your business? It certainly wouldn’t make you stronger against your competitors who make their staff buy their own coffee (or worse—keep their office coffee bar stocked with stale bulk tubs of Maxwell House).

Making sure you keep the office’s coffee bar stocked with high quality, highly caffeinated coffee is like…

Topping off your company’s fuel tank. It gives your staff the fuel they need to be productive and get them through the day.

And transmission fluid. It helps your employees shift between tasks.

And engine coolant. Quality coffee helps your employees relax and cool down between those periods of high productivity.

And… windshield fluid. Good coffee keeps your staff alert and helps them “see” new ways to solve problems. Except when you’re buying coffee, a dealership doesn’t try to sneak in a $73 charge for 5 oz. of Rain-X.

Like expensive chairs and air conditioning but at a sliver of a fraction of the price, investing in high quality coffee brings comfort to your employees.

Seriously, what else is there that helps your staff get motivated, stay focused, be more productive, and feel happier, more fulfilled, and more relaxed?

I’ll wait here.

(If you said “office basketball pool,” I’ve got bad news.)

Providing great coffee to your staff on the daily is like throwing expensive office parties, giving everyone a $10 gift card they’ll never use, or offering other “fringe benefits,” except less expensive and more likely to result in higher profit for your business.

It’s not all about more profit, though.

Keeping your staff fueled with high quality coffee is a unique way to let your staff know you “get” them—and that they’re valued—regardless of the ways it benefits the business.

So yeah, pay for your staff’s coffee and reap the rewards. As ubiquitous as coffee is in the business world, many bosses and office managers overlook just how much they can positively influence their business by keeping their staff fueled.

If you’re ready to indulge your staff with premium, ultra-caffeinated coffee, check out Black Insomnia— one of the strongest coffees in the world with 4x the caffeine.

Osta mustaa unettomuuskahvia - äärimmäistä kofeiinia, maksimaalista energiaa

Black Insomnia Jauhettu kahvi

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Jake Bonneman
January 20, 2023
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