"I Don’t Know How To Do That" Doesn’t Work Anymore

Jake Bonneman
January 21, 2023

How many times have you seen someone leave a comment online asking for help?

A trillion? Okay, my fault—let me rephrase the question.

How many times have you seen someone leave a comment online asking for help, where the person asking seems to have no interest in learning how to fix their own problem, and instead expects others to come in and fix the problem for them?

Still a trillion?

Yeah, that’s the problem.

Science might not yet have an explanation for this modern phenomenon, but like literally every single other trend today—it probably has something to do with the Internet.

Hey, some people are content with being mediocre. They don't want to put more effort than they absolutely need to into anything. That’s nothing new.

This is different.

There are so many people out there—and unfortunately, their numbers seem to be increasing—who flat out refuse to learn how to take care of their own issues.

You know, in case they have to solve the same problem again. (But I mean, what would be the odds of that?)

I’ll tell you right now, this isn’t one of those “young people are lazy” things.

And while yeah, it’s generally a little more forgivable when someone in their 80s is asking you to solve their problem for them than when someone in their 30s is asking, this kind of “learned lazy-assness” can be found with people of all ages.

Sometimes they’ll even cop to their laziness, whether intentionally or not, through their asking of the question and their follow up comments.

We’ve all witnessed it online, the direct “can you just do it for me lol.”

While everyone might have their own “type of guy” they picture being behind the accounts who post obnoxious demands for assistance (personally, I usually picture someone who’s barely keeping themselves in their chair as they switch tabs to watch Fortnite videos)—I assure you, we’re not talking about people who need other people to do their work for them.

You see this happening with people of all walks of life—people who some would consider “professionals.” Even (wannabe) entrepreneurs who are more in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur than actually putting the work in.

True, they may have forgotten to include this nugget in that manual they hand out to all new entrepreneurs on the first day, but some of the work that’s required includes learning how to solve problems, and how to do new things.

(Even if they did include it, what are the chances these folks would ever look at an instruction manual?)

The weird flip-side to this lazy phenomenon is that while the Internet is most likely the primary catalyst, it’s also the incredible invention/Wonder of the Modern World that’s made it easier than ever before in all of f*cking history to learn how to do things.

It’s cool that you can somehow find 400 hours every week to scroll through your Facebook feed and watch DashCam videos—amazing really, there are only 168 hours in a week.

Maybe use part of an hour to learn something that’ll actually benefit you and your ideas or business?

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Jake Bonneman
January 21, 2023
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