Why Entrepreneurs Love Coffee

Jake Bonneman
January 21, 2023

Ask 99 out of 100 entrepreneurs, and they’ll probably have some things to say about coffee.

And not just opinions about coffee—many of them will have anecdotes that revolve around coffee.

Maybe an appreciative client they had early on who paid for their coffee at a lunch meeting.

Working their ass off at a coffee shop with a group of fellow entrepreneurs and creatives to get project phases in by a deadline.

Winning their first big contract—after several refills—sealing the deal with a well caffeinated handshake.

It’s almost like coffee was made for the business world.

It wasn’t.

By some accounts, it was made after someone decided to try some berries that they saw some particularly energetic goats eating.

The relationship between coffee and commerce is pure serendipity.

There’s a reason that the Industrial Revolution kicked into high gear when coffee drinking became widespread.

It’s not hard to see why it’s such a beloved staple in the entrepreneur’s lifestyle.

But it’s not all about work, believe it or not.

Every coffee break an entrepreneur takes is a chance to take a breath (well, a sip) and engage in what social media refers to as “self care.”

Coffee isn’t just perfect for charging up your batteries so you (and your business) can take on the universe—it’s that perfect drink that, somehow, manages to also be perfect for taking it slow and relaxing. There’s a reason people often refer to the way they make coffee as a “coffee ritual.”

And whether you’re making coffee just the way you like it as a daily ritual (or more likely if you’re an entrepreneur, a several-times-daily ritual), the “craft” of making and enjoying coffee invites us to slow down, savor something good, and quietly appreciate the little things.

Life and work are nothing if not a balancing act—and you need to have some of these quiet, contemplative moments in the day.

Otherwise, like many unwitting newbies in the entrepreneurial game, you’ll find yourself on the fast track to entrepreneur burnout.

Coffee can be about rewarding yourself when you’re feeling, well… less than appreciated.

It's also a little way you can treat yourself—each and every day—without feeling guilty.

But coffee doesn’t have to be enjoyed in a vacuum. Even if you’re using a vacuum coffee maker.

In which case, you still shouldn’t try to drink it inside a vacuum of any sort. We’ve all seen Alien.

Everyone knows coffee is a great social lubricant—that’s why “coffee houses” pretty much immediately sprung up after the beverage was invented. And why those places are still around (and more popular than ever) centuries later.

Whether you’re grabbing coffee with a fellow entrepreneur, a business partner, or a romantic partner—coffee’s ideal for any kind of social situation.

Did we already talk about caffeine?

That incredible stuff that wakes you up when it seems like nothing else will. The thing that helps you squeeze those creative juices out of your brain while it’s simultaneously energizing your limbs. Helping you turn all the stuff in your head into actual, tangible deliverables.

And—we’ve all been here—helping you make it a little easier to face those important meetings with new clients and get those proposals signed—after you’ve been up all night putting work in for your other clients.

Don’t get me wrong, drinking coffee alone won’t make you a successful entrepreneur—that would be a pretty ridiculous thing to say.

But it sure as hell makes a lot of things easier.

Just like having the newest phone, a higher-tier laptop, or even a pen that writes better probably won’t make or break you in the business world, neither will coffee.

But they sure are nice things to have, especially during those stressful times when you need all the help you can get.

Which, if you’re an entrepreneur… is hopefully pretty often.

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Jake Bonneman
January 21, 2023
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